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The Journey StartS Here:PrepAration & INtegration

The journey begins the moment we make a commitment to it and it continues long after the session has been completed.

Many people go into a Meditation experience thinking that one session can be done and that it will change their lives forever. Although this certainly can happen with reprocessing and neural re-wiring; real, long-lasting change comes from taking the learnings, wisdom, insights and challenges gained in a meditation session and applying those in tangible ways in our day-to-day lives. We may develop new neural networks during a meditation but we have to continue to keep those neural pathways alive and strong by doing tangible work that supports those new pathways.


For example, you can have an amazing opening and insight during a meditation experience, that you need take care of and pay attention to your body more. However, that is just an insight. The real work comes from taking that awareness and creating behavioral changes that can support the awakening that arose within the journey. This might mean learning more about nutrition, following a food plan, joining a dance class, etc.


As a therapist who is experienced with preparation and Integration, I can help you begin your journey prior to a meditation session by helping to focus in and open the areas that you are wanting to work on. I will help you integrate the learnings that you gained during your experience using various recommendations and experiential modalities. Some examples of integration work include authentic movement, journaling, yoga, nutrition coaching, sound, Hakomi therapy, IFS. mindfulness meditation, Reiki, art, relational work, and breath work.

Get to KNow Me

I am a Mother, Guide, Therapist, Preparation & Integration Coach, Integrative Nutrition Coach, Certified Yoga Teacher, Level II Reiki Practitioner, speaker and successful entrepreneur and business woman.

With a heart-centered, intuitive, and practical approach, I hold a safe and non-judgmental space to allow for our authentic selves to be seen, accepted, nourished and cherished, so that your own inner wisdom can be remembered, cultivated, and trusted on this lifelong journey. I believe that with the right holistic nourishment, we all have the natural inclination to reach our Entelechy and to live joyful lives. To do this, I use proven and practical traditional and non-traditional methodologies that expand us beyond our limiting beliefs, allowing us to access the deepest parts of ourselves possible and to lean into the true essence of who we are. This includes nurturing foundational aspects of the body, including nutrition, sleep, physical exercise as well as incorporating various modalities to address the psychological and psychospiritual levels including Hakomi Therapy, IFS, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Breathwork, Reiki, Yoga, Sound, Meditation, Mindfulness, and Plant Medicines.

I have a Bachelor of Science in psychology and a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy where I studied the epigenetic effects of nutrition on development and eating disorders and have experience working with people of all ages in a clinical, non-profit, and group setting, incorporating a mind-body-spirit approach. Coming from a family lineage of Guides, I personally have over 17 years of working in non-ordinary states of consciousness and have trained and studied with some of the highest quality people doing this work for many years. I have also worked with indigenous populations in South America who have been doing this work for hundreds of years and believe it is important to incorporate this aspect into the Western Psychotherapeutic approach. As an Integrative Nutritionist, I blend my knowledge of food and nutrition into my work with clients. I have done some executive training and I am currently the co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer of a successful food company and desire to help others find and uncover their inner callings and to help transform them into a reality. As a lifelong lover of entreprenuership, I am also the co-founder/founder of several other businesses including Soulwakening, a 5013c non-profit, dedicated to raising consciousness through mental health services, retreats, women’s circles, coaching, nutrition, plant medicine, and alternative modalities that address mind, body, and spirit; Soul Sweets, which provides natural supplementation to support overall health and well-being; and another company in the CPG space.

Having long recovered from an eating disorder, depression, anxiety, perfectionism, suicidal ideation, and a rocky relationship with myself and others, I know what it takes to be at the darkest night of our soul but to come out the other side and tap into the magic that life has to offer. 

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